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Hello, I am Raejean

My name is Raejean Kanter, and I'm happy to present "Who Held The Door Open?" to your world. I have mentored many young women and men through some challenging moments, often opening the door for them to answer their own questions and connect to their own abilities. This book is a celebration of those accomplishments and is an inspiring way to be vulnerable to being mentored and mentoring others. I hope you enjoy this amazing book written by four extraordinary women. 

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About Raejean Kanter

Raejean Kanter is a well-known philanthropist, community leader, and mentor. Raejean believes that understanding different cultures and customs will create a more inclusive and diverse society.  ​

In her book series, Grandma Book's World, Raejean combines two of her passions: love of children and travel. A grandmother of eight, Raejean has traveled to over fifty countries in the world. The mission of the series is to help young children and parents learn about other cultures to foster a greater understanding of inclusion. 

"Who Held The Door Open?" provided a cathartic experience for all who were involved in writing the book. Raejean feels that it is important for people to know that no one should suffer through life without someone to help guide them toward seeing themselves in the positive light that everyone deserves to shine in. 


Ms. Kanter has a BBA from St. Norbert College and an MEd from Cardinal Stritch University, where she received distinguished alumni awards for her community service. She is the recipient of the Milwaukee BizTimes Lifetime Achievement Award in Philanthropy and has been recognized by numerous foundations and organizations for her over 60-year effort to build a more understanding and caring world. 

In her spare time, Raejean loves creating memories with her husband and family and playing Mrs. Clause during the Holiday season. 


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities, and would love to hear what you think of the book!

(414) 404-6030

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