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Meet the Mentees

The four women who shared their stories of overcoming obstacles and perseverance will inspire you to be and do better every day of your life. Each of these women had mentors who guided them along the way and who have now learned to use the skills they've acquired to help others thrive in a world that may sometimes become rocky and tough. As you read their brief bios below, and when you decide to buy "Who Held The Door Open?" perhaps, you will be able to relate to the challenges associated with finding your place. 

Stacey Kent

Embrace Your Journey" focuses on resilience, endurance and perseverance. Stacey is in her 28th year of teaching in northern Wisconsin and credits Raejean and her parents for helping her find her purpose and herself. Embracing the journey is what allowed Stacey to be attentive to things she otherwise would have missed along the way. 

Rhonda Ronsman

"Within the Starry Night" identifies mentors who helped her find her place in the world. Rhonda also wrote a letter to the little girl she was, letting her know "we made it." Rhonda credits Raejean and her mom for giving her space to find her true potential.    

Van Thanh Nguyen

"Choose to Change" takes you through six stages of growth, beginning with a caterpillar's hunger for knowledge, and ending with strengthening her beautiful wings. Van credits a plethora of family and friends, and Raejean, for showing her how to become the beautiful butterfly she was always meant to be. 

Theresa Nemetz

"Moments of Mentorship" chapter speaks on believing in a process and yourself, and knowing belief in what's possible is all one needs to achieve the impossible. Theresa credits Raejean, and her group of mentors for helping her establish a multi-million dollar tourism/culinary business.

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